We sponsor students of all levels to allow them to participate in dance, music, art, and theatre classes. Partial and full financial aid is awarded to eligible families through an application process that is reviewed and approved by our board of directors. 

Workshops and Camps

For advanced students who would like opportunities to explore the more focused and intensive trainings available, we offer scholarships to workshops and camps. These programs enhance young student resumes, and provide lifelong memories and experiences. 

Tap Dance Class


Friendly competition, goal setting, team building, and sportsmanship are all life skills developed from team oriented activities. Band, dance teams, and theatre troupes fall into the teams category and we proudly support these efforts! 

Kids Drawing

Therapy and Rehabilitation 

Science has been monitoring the use of art and creativity in therapeutic treatment plans. Young individuals who have experienced trauma, mental illness, drug abuse or addiction, or behavioral issues have been proven to benefit from the use of creative art therapies and rehabilitation programs. As these studies continue, we are honored to play our role in facilitating these programs and helping them to grow. 


Virtual Dance Class
Kids Gardening


Becoming a part of a class or a team has a positive impact on youth. Through outreach programs, we ensure that students of diverse backgrounds and under less-than-perfect circumstances receive opportunities to participate. This is especially beneficial to students who attend school in an area where funding for the arts has been redirected to other programs.